Student's Testimonial

'If you have been hesitant about transitioning from silver smithing to working in 22kt gold, then this is the perfect workshop to learn techniques unique to this precious metal.

The program designed by Lois Gore is an intensive one-on-one workshop that provides total immersion into the learning experience. She is a consummate professional who is passionate about her art. Through her excellent instruction and unyielding determination, you can produce a finished piece of high quality gold jewelry from this class.

'I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is truly interested in working with gold.'

--- LA Good

Client's Testimonial 

Knowing I wanted a very special piece of jewelry to wear to my son's wedding I contacted Lois to make me a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings. Finalizing the design idea was very exciting! After being shown many options an idea came to me. I described it to Lois we worked together to create the final unique design. Every step of the process was shared with me. Since Lois is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, I was very confident when we shopped for gems. We decided on two, fine, one carat, faceted sapphire stones. There were a few fittings and the finished pair was presented in a beautiful leather box made in Italy.

The day of my son's wedding was made even more memorable wearing my unique earrings, that I had helped design! To be a part of creating your own design, then see in steps as it comes to realization, well, There's Nothing quite like it!

I can't wait for "The Next Special Occasion!"  I so look forward to working with Lois again...

S. R. Borden

Student's Testimonial.

Several years ago when I met Lois socially,  I admired a very beautiful gold ring that she wore.  When I learned that she had made it I was intrigued, and intrigue turned to delight when she told me that she also taught the ancient art of goldsmithing. As a former potter who was looking to add to my creative skills, I loved the idea of transitioning to gold as, like clay, gold is a very pure organic substance.   Now, three years later, I am still studying with Lois and have created many beautiful pieces of 22 karat gold jewelry. Lois teaches with patience and a deep love of the ancient craft. Having had no knowledge of the techniques when I began, I have learned so much that I've begun setting up a home studio so that I can work in this challenging, absorbing and rewarding art on my own schedule.  I love that there is always something new to learn. You will too.

Sheila R

Student's Testimonial

In 2017 I spent the entire summer in the Hamptons. My search for a creative outlet landed me in Lois's studio workshop. I went weekly and learned so many different skills. Our sessions together focused on rolling sheet, pulling wire, soldering, annealing, making bezels, twisting wire and other skills needed to take a clump of 22 karat gold and transform it into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Wearable art is a more appropriate name. What amazed me was that all the parts are made in the studio, nothing is purchased. I made my own wire! I loved the analogy Lois used, "Most bakers buy the flour, I make the flour." I can't wait to go back next summer.

Danielle Burakovsky

Client's Testimonial

For a long time I was searching for just the right gold loop earring. I had an idea that I wanted it to be continuous and show no connection point. Very hard to find until I met Lois. We decided on the thickness and width together and a few samples were made. The 22 karat gold was a beautiful rich color. The final step of closing the piece was done after it was on and there is no visible sign where the earring begins or ends, just a solid loop. It is part of me. I never take it off.

Ernie French

Client's Testimonial

Lois is absolutely amazing at what she does! 

I commissioned an earring set for a dear friend's 30th birthday and Lois certainly delivered. She hand selected the stones and we designed the simple yet beautiful setting together. 

The result was truly stunning and the earrings look beautiful. Needless to say, my friend was shocked at the gorgeous gift and couldn't believe I had them custom made - really makes all the difference and it certainly shows in the end result. 

The entire experience was a breeze. If you're thinking of custom making a piece of jewelry, do it! I can't wait to have another special occasion where I'll need to work with Lois - she is my go to gal and I look forward to working with her again. 

Emma K.